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Game Capital is a company that invests, consults, and accelerates blockchain technology in its early stages.

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Game Capital is a firm that specializes in early-stage blockchain technology investment, consulting, and acceleration.

Game Capital has invested in and incubated more than 30 blockchain projects, forming long-term partnerships with top investors, incubators, and developer communities in China, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, South East Asia, and North America.

We excel at facilitating successful strategic investments and collaborations. We collaborate with numerous investment entities and marketing agencies around the world, leveraging our extensive network to connect companies with the most strategic opportunities. Whether you’re a company looking for global expansion opportunities or a multinational corporation and private investors looking for cutting-edge technology, Game Capital makes the journey easier, fosters long-term partnerships, and promotes growth.

Long-term Partnership

At the heart of Game Capital's philosophy lies a commitment to collaborative growth.

Integrated Solution

Game Capital can actively promote technological integration within its portfolio.

Localization Strategy

Before making investments, Game Capital conducts thorough market research to understand the unique characteristics of different gaming markets




Alex Turner

CEO @GameCapital

Greetings! I'm Alex Turner, your CEO and Managing Partner at Game Capital. With a decade deeply entrenched in the venture capital realm, I've championed innovation and strategic business development. Before co-founding Game Capital, I held leadership roles in major VC firms, sculpting success stories. My vision here is to elevate Game Capital to new heights, spearheading investments that redefine the landscape of technological ventures



Morgan Ramirez

Managing Partner @GameCapital

Hello, I'm Morgan Ramirez, Managing Partner at Game Capital. Armed with financial expertise, my journey involves navigating the intricate landscape of venture capital. Prior to joining Game Capital, I honed my skills in identifying and cultivating lucrative opportunities. At the heart of my commitment is steering Game Capital towards financial success through strategic and well-calculated investments.



Emily Chen

Managing Partner @GameCapital

Hey there, I'm Emily Chen, a Managing Partner at Game Capital. My journey unfolds with a passion for entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. Before co-founding Game Capital, I played a key role in shaping successful ventures. Now, my focus is on weaving innovation into the core of our investments. At Game Capital, I'm dedicated to ensuring we're not just part of trends but architects of the future in the venture capital landscape.

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